Repbox Standoffs

Mon, Feb 20, 2023 2-minute read

Adjustable Risers for the Repbox

For Christmas, B gave me a Repkord Repbox (v2.4). My plan when I mentioned wanting it was for it to sit on top of my Lack enclosure, knowing full well that the back of the box would have to hang off the end of the enclosure. Thankfully, the whole thing sits in front of an old stove mantle. That means I’ve got a sturdy shelf just 15 or 20cm below the top of the enclosure. To bridge the gap I designed and printed these:

Once I had finished assembling the Repbox I took measurements of the bottom of it so I could make recesses for the box’s “feet.” After designing the back legs I decided I’d be better off with another couple inches of clearance, so I made the front feet in a similar manner. The don’t have screw holes in them though, so it’s not possible to make them extendable.

Honestly not my best work, but it’s getting the job done. Of course, I can never open the top of the enclosure again…

  • 0.6mm nozzle
  • 0.3mm layer lines
  • 4 perimeters for everything but the screws
  • 10% Gyroid infill

I printed the screws horizontally with autogenerated supports turned on.


Should be pretty self explanatory. The screws will need to be worked in and out of the foot and top pieces to make the action smooth. best to do this before the weight of the Repbox is on them.


This is niche enough that I have only put it in my 3D printing repo.


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