Clip-On Ikea Raskog Accessories

Sun, Feb 21, 2021 4-minute read

Organizational Accessories For Our Project Carts

Compatible with the Skadis Universal Hook Set

We have several Ikea Raskog carts at our house including one I use as an end table. They’re very versatile but also not easy to keep organized. So this project has been on my todo list longer than I’ve had a 3D printer. In fact it was one of the ideas that convinced me to buy a printer in the first place. It was also the second thing I tried to design (the first was a door knob) and so my initial attempts weren’t great.

Once I figured out how to make an easily printable hook that would hold firmly onto the cart’s trays it was obvious that I could make work the same way that the Skadis Universal Hook Set works. Like that collection this is easy to print (no supports), easy to assemble with no glue, strong, and stable. By spacing my hook posts at intervals of 44.5mm I was also able to make the Switch Holder, USB Cable Holder, Pen Holders, and Hook Row compatible with the Ikea Skadis pegboard by swapping the Universal Hook from that set.

I got as far as functional prototypes before I got distracted by other projects. Being one of my first designs in Fusion 360 what I had created was not easy to modify. Then, in the winter of ‘21, PrusaPrinters ran a contest for organizer designs which spurred me to finish things up. I recreated my designs in a more maintainable way and got them to a releasable state before the contest ended.

Here’s what’s included.

One Piece Hooks

On work carts it’s nice to be able to hang tools off the size. I ended up making a couple sizes as a design compromise. The “narrow” version is 4mm square and plenty strong (especially when printed with 3 perimeters)

These 4 hooks are the only parts that are not compatible with Skadis Universal Hook Set


  • Four varieties
    • Narrow Half-Round
    • Narrow Quarter-Round
    • Wide Half-Round
    • Wide Quarter-Round

Hook Row

A row of small hooks for hanging light-weight items. Each hook is 3mm squared. By having the four hooks connected together there is a lot more lateral stability than with the One Piece Hooks.

I only got a pic of this on the Skadis, but it still works with the Raskog.


  • Four small diameter hooks.
  • Three small gaps between the hooks.


  • 2 Universal Hooks

Nintendo Switch Holder

As I said, I use a Raskog like an end table so I wanted a store my switch so it would be in easy reach.


  • Can hold the Switch while a USB cable is attached.
  • Holds the console with or without the Joycons attached.
  • Stabilizers to guard against side-to-side movement.
  • Four game cart slots behind the switch.
  • There’s some extra depth to the console slot, to allow you to add something like this to the front forks to help guard against screen scratches. The forks are 18mm wide.


  • 2 Universal Hooks.

Pen Holders

I wanted a pen holder that would work for any pen, Sharpie diameter or smaller. I found it easier to get pens in and out when the holder was angled a bit but I would see how that may now always be desirable. So I made two versions.


  • Two versions:
    • Vertical
    • 22° Angled Version
  • Holds four pens.


  • 2 Universal Hooks.
  • Pens or devices of similar dimensions:
    • brushes
    • pencils
    • glow sticks

USB Cable Holder

I wanted a holder for the end of various charging cables that was also able to accommodate some of the bigger dongles and doodads. My first attempt was too big for my narrow cables and too small for my really thick cables. I ended up making two widths of slots to handle the many whims of cable manufacturers.


  • Four wide cable slots.
  • Three narrow cable slots.
  • Two USB-A slots.
    • For thumbdrives and such.
  • One USB-C slot.
  • Deep tray for holding widgets.


  • 2 Universal Hooks.

Print Settings

As Pictured

  • 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 0.15mm layer height
  • 10% infill
  • 3 perimeters
  • PLA
    • Printed Solid Jessie
    • Feta Green