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Sat, Nov 18, 2023 2-minute read

A "Burger" Restaurant for Birds & Squirrels

We recently got a window mounted bird feeder to encourage wildlife and entertain our indoor cats through the window. It’s been fun for us but torture for one particular squirrel who spent the summer of 2022 performing a slapstick version of Mission Impossible. It found a way on to our AC unit and from there spent a good amount of time judging its ability to leap to the feeder. When it decided that was a no-go it got on the roof then then tried to climb down to the feeder on chain. That didn’t work so it then tried to crawl along the windowsill using its forearms, but there was no way up to the feeder from there.

After watching this go on for weeks I decided it deserved a good meal. Later, when watching an episode of Bob’s Burgers, I imagined the Squirrel sitting on a stool in restaurant like Teddy (even though Teddy hates squirrels). So I fired up CAD and spent the winter designing this so I can feed the squirrels and large birds in our yard.

Before I give you all the photos you came here for, I need to self promote. The model fully 3D Printed and is available for free on There you’ll find a detailed printing and assembly guide that includes all the filaments used in the photos below.

The Feeder, Close-up

Our Daily Visitor

This is the squirrel that inspired everything. Lemmy pronounced it Teddy.


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